The Blessed Scalp Essence

The world’s first product made with safe ingredients that changes conventional concepts
Development of next-generation scalp essence products

Human stem cell culture supernatant

A new approach to grow hair with new ingredient “resveratrol”
and a state of art technology by human stem cells supernatant stock solution that we can expect high hair growth action.

Problem with existing hair growth products

Ingredients of hair growth products are Minoxidil receptor inhibitors, anti-inflammatory agents, moisturizers, refreshing / antipruritic agents that inhibit hair papilla scalp cell 5α-reductase and didn’t expect the same efficacy on every individual. What’s worse, its usage is limited by law and has a possibility of causing troubles. So nowadays people seek effective and safe hair growth agents.

Problem with existing hair growth technology
Where existing products have an effect on

① Activates hair matrix cells

② Promotes blood circulation and nutritional supplementation

③ Inhibits 5α reductase

④ Prevents sebum line hypertrophy

But they don’t work for everyone

New method of hair growth

New approach to hair growth is to activate telomerase

An enzyme “telomerase” is among skin around hair and that activates stem cells inside skin when telomerase is stimulated. Then hair balls that produce hair come up and lead to hair growth.

What stimulates this telomerase is  resveratrol (polyphenol)

New mechanism of hair growth

Does it work for women as well?

The human hair cycle grows every 5 to 6 years.
Each hair follicle independently repeats regeneration and involution.
The growth period is the period from regeneration to hair formation.
The retirement period is the regression period Telogen with hair formation stopped Eventually, hair loss occurs and hair loss occurs.

Adverse effects to hair : malnutrition, incorrect hair care, stress, heredity, side effects of medicine, perm and dyeing.

It’s not unveiled by medicine but telomerase activates the process.

This product promotes the movement from pausing period to early growth period and then to later growth period and certainly lasts the process. It activates hair matrix cells in regeneration of hair follicles by stimulated telomerase and Longevity gene SIRI1.

Bulge stem cells are in hair follicles and in the area of hair follicles there’s stem cells (hair follicles, pigment stem cells). When DNA in nuclear is damaged, it stops providing cells to the hair matrix and the hair itself will not grow and turn into gray.

Telomerase that activates bulge stem cells sends signals and the bulge stem cells produce hair : promotes cell division. Telomerase grows

Telomere chromosomal DNA. It happens to both women and men so we don’t need to separate them for each gender.

What is stem cell culture supernatant?

Effects of stem cell culture supernatant

・Collagen production / repair: Hair growth / beauty action (remedy for wrinkles and sagging)
・ Anti-inflammatory effect: Healing of injured area (damaged area / inflamed area), pain reduction effect, etc.
・ Vascular regeneration / angiogenesis: Improvement / prevention of progression of arteriosclerotic lesions, collateral angiogenesis, improvement of ED, etc.
・ Scavenger (removal of active oxygen) action: recovery from fatigue, prevention / improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, etc.
・ Immunomodulatory action: allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.
・ Immune-enhancing effect → Effect on malignant tumors, effect on infectious diseases, suppression of cancer cell growth / metastasis (effect by exosomes)
・ Nerve cell repair / regeneration action: cerebrovascular accident, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
・ Bone regeneration action: osteoporosis, gingival inflammation (regeneration of alveolar bone), etc.
・ Stem cell differentiation promoting action in the body: induction of self-renewal ability, etc.
・ Tissue repair action: liver damage, interstitial pneumonia, etc.

Hair growth effect test results with polyphenols

Hair growth test results using stem cell culture supernatant

*Hair growth varies from person to person.

The Blessed Scalp Essence ACE

Product : The Blessed Scalp Essence
Essence for the scalp Contents: 50㎖

All ingredients:
water, 1,2 hexanediol, glycerin, BG, tocopheryl acetate, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, Resveratrol, human adipocyte conditioned medium, phenoxyethanol

For the direction of use

Preparation: Start with clean, dry or slightly damp hair. Make sure your scalp is free of hair care products and residue.

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops of hair growth treatment directly to your fingertips or scalp. If you use a dropper, apply the solution to your scalp, not your hair.

Spread the treatment: Using your fingertips, gently massage the product into your scalp in circular motions. This increases blood flow and facilitates absorption of the treatment.

Frequency: Apply the hair growth treatment once or twice a day as recommended in the product instructions.